Monday, November 13, 2006

Letter to Lieberman: I listened to you on Meet the Press and I am VERY concerned. I am very concerned because when you were asked if there was the potential for you to move to Republican you said you did not deal in hypotheticals. That worried me. I thought your response should have been a clear “No.” Your response when reading subliminally meant that if Democrats do not kow tow to you, you may, in fact, leave. That to me is a threat and amounts voter and Congressional extortion.

As someone who supported you in your bid for the presidency on the Democratic ticket in 2000, the prospect of your going over to the Republican side is revolting to me. In my opinion, that would betray what you have historically been about. The Republican party has done more damage to our country including lying us into a war which incurred the deaths of thousands. How you could even leave room for the possibility of a switch is enigmatic. I hope and pray that the country is seeing its errors of its ways and that the inhumanity, horrendous corruption and lies of the Republican party will see its ultimate downfall. Republicans are not about humanity. They are about power and they are especially about money – corporate money – which they use to attain that power for them and the top 2% of the population. They are not about the middle and certainly not about the poor. They are about Machievellian politics in its extreme and they do not care how cruel or unethical they perceive they must be to anyone who threatens them. For you, a moral religious man, to be tied to the cesspool of what the Republican party has become would be egregious.

The Middle East, Israel and the entire world has a better chance to forge a possible peace certainly with a Democratic Congress and I hope ultimately with a Democratic president as well. Democrats will not commit the horrific crimes and unethical behaviors including shutting out the opposition party as the Republicans have done. For you to even think for one moment that it would be a possibility that you would switch is beyond my comprehension.

I am a person who originally bought what the Republicans were selling with respect to the war and the neo-conservative agenda. I was wrong. Iraq has been a HORREDOUS mistake which I believe history will judge as the worst foreign policy debacle the US has ever committed with George Bush at the helm. I implore you not to go down with his or the Republican ship because if you do you may take all of us with you into the deep.

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