Friday, September 15, 2006

Who’s like Hitler?: May I scream? I feel like I want to tear my hair out and at my age that is not a good thing to do. The first headline I read on MSNBC is about a statement made by some Turkish official which says: “Turkish official compares Pope to Hitler. Politician joins outcry across Muslim world over pontiff's comments in Islam.” If this were not so serious I would think it was a bad comedy.

How many Hitlers can a world have? Cloning is not a reality yet, I don’t think, is it? So now the Pope is like Hiter, George Bush is like Hitler, Castro is like Hitler, Chavez is like Hitler, all the worlds terrorists are like Hitler, Abimenijad is like Hitler, Kim Il Jung is like Hitler, Hussein is like Hitler, Bin Laden is like Hitler, the Sudanese slaughter is like Hitler and oh yes of course the Israelis always the Israelis whose nation's composition of Jews, perhaps, more than any other group on planet earth, really DID suffer from Hitler -- well so what. Even THEY are like Hitler.

Now I’m screaming: NO ONE IS LIKE HITLER!!!!!! The headlines are insane. People’s stupid utterances are simply that (I’m spelling) S-T-U-P-I-D. This is all just stupid. How many people can be like Hitler? There is no one absolutely no one who was or is like Hitler except Hitler. Hitler was a UNIQUE, I repeat a UNIQUE phenomenon. As bad as most of the aforementioned tyrants are even they are not, were not and can never be Hitler. To say that the Pope, George Bush and Israel are like Hitler is purely inane and ridiculous on the face of it. I am a critic of the Pope and George Bush but I do NOT think they are Hitler.

To wax serious, I believe, by calling everyone Hitler one diminishes the incredibly unique horror that was Hitler. It makes him just another tyrant. I submit he was not just another tyrant. According to Wikipedia the free online encyclopedia source: “Some 62 million people, or 2.5% of the world population, died in the Second World War, though estimates vary greatly - about 25 million soldiers and 37 million civilians. This total includes the estimated 12 million lives lost in the Holocaust.”

Does anyone realize how many people that is? It’s unfathomable. I don’t think anyone can imagine the immensity of that number. There was a film called Paperclips in which students of a mid-Western American town collected 6 million paperclips to show just how huge the number of Jews who died in the Holocaust was. It is a massive collection. Hitler's contribution to world events was unique.

A unique man, Adolph Hitler, who lived on this planet at a unique period of world events singularly made most of that huge number of death possible. No one else is Hitler, no one CAN be Hitler and no one will ever be Hitler. As bad as some human destruction is and as horrific as some rulers are NOTHING duplicates the carnage of WWII and no one alive today is like Hitler was …YET.

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