Friday, September 08, 2006

U.S. Government Conspiracy and 9/11: The allegations of some that there was a U.S. Government conspiracy which perpetrated 9/11 is a completely absurd notion. I loath conspiracy theorists. Most are ridiculously inane, illogical, and utterly immovable when they get the conspiracy bug in their head. For every spectacular event such as Pearl Harbor, the assassination of JFK, the suicide of Marilyn Monroe, the Oklahoma City bombing, 1993 bombing of World Trade Center, and now 9/11 there are crackpots everywhere who think there is some well organized cabalistic governmental conspiracy lurking and plotting in the background who have their act so together that they could perpetrate a huge event such as 9/11 without a hitch and without someone spilling the beans. It has been my experience that it is hard enough to get a group together to organize a night at the theater or keep a secret for ten minutes let alone the government's unerring perpetration of a crime so huge as to bring down buildings of that immensity killing thousands. I do not think even George Bush with his Machiavellian crew would stoop to THAT kind of murder and THAT kind of treason against a country we all love. Anyone can say anything. The proof, however, is in the evidence and in this case there is absolutely NONE!

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