Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A case for change--A political rant: How the upcoming Congressional elections cannot be a slam dunk for the Democrats I will never understand. This Republican Congress by acquiescing to this Bush presidency has presided over the most corrupt and deceitful era the horrors of which will be felt for generations to come. This Republican Administration and Republican Congress have cost thousands of lives and billions in treasure. The catastrophe that is Iraq, to Middle East politics to the debacle of Katrina, our port porousness, dearth of comprehensive border security, environmental policies or lack of them, prohibition of stem cell research, and court packing have led to a murderous, treasonous administration which has lied to the American people and cost us dearly. I have been a lover and student of history all my life but I can never remember being so revolted and frightened by my country than I am at this moment.
Pork belly politics, abound. The giving of outrageously expensive contracts to inept crony companies such as Cheney’s Halliburton, secrete oil meetings with oil magnates, testifying of oil big wigs without having to be under oath (the baseball players had to testify under oath but not the oil executives), dubious contractual procedures awarded not to the lowest bidder but to the biggest Republican contributor and bridges to nowhere in Alaska have been the hallmark of this Republican Congress and administration. This Congress has been fraught with corruption and moneyed thugs. Republicans are supposed to save us money instead they cost us and lined their own pockets. Our deficit is horrendous. We are in hawk to our adversaries and we are hated around the world. We think we are safe? We cannot run a country this way.

The usurpation of power by the executive with the acquiescence of Congress is mind numbing. Wire tapping, imprisonment without charges and spying are the heirlooms of this administration. The lack of oversight of this Congress is staggering. This Republican Congress and Republican president have been the least compromising and the most deceitful I have ever known and perhaps one of the worst administrations that have ever existed in our history. Indictments surrounding Jack Abramoff have been abundant which have involve congressmen such as former Speaker Tom DeLay, Bob Ney and the jailing of Randy Duke Cunningham. More indictments should come or at least should have come.

Bribery and treason have been the rule instead of the exception. It has cost us big money.
Our president is inept, uncurious, does not read, is uncompromising, lies, and nods to the treason that has existed among Cheney, Rove, Armitage and others in his administration. 9/11 happened on no one else’s watch but his and his response was inept. Memos abounded warning him of 9/11 and he did nothing. He took us to war against a country that was not the country which threatened us. He has utterly destabilized the Middle East and worst of all empowered Iran. He did the opposite of what he said he was going to do and so far after five years he has allowed Bin Laden to walk.

This Republican Congress and Republican party which is supposed to bring a culture of life has brought nothing but death and destruction. Unless our president gets Parkisons, cancer, ALS, or paralyzed he does not care one iota about providing those medical advances that could help someone. He along with the Republican controlled Congress have cut spending for rehabilitation of our horrifically wounded servicemen as well. When will the American public wake up? Republicans do NOT I repeat DO NOT care about you. They care about big corporations, the elite, those with millions and billions and care about themselves. They have WASTED our money.

The Democrats SHOULD take Congress decidedly. But, the Republicans, never forget, steal elections. When the president was wired during his second debate that should have told everybody the nature of the man. They will, I am sure, steal elections again.

Bush is as much a Christian as Kim Il Jung. He cares about himself, he cares about his moneyed cronies that put him there. He does not care about the majority of Americans. He simply lets you THINK he does. That phrase I so often hear from Shakespeare (the book I have no doubt Bush has read), “The fault deal Brutus is not in the stars it is in ourselves.” If Republicans keep the Congress then our country is beyond repentance and we have only ourselves to blame. Perhaps we feel so much more secure now that two people of the same gender who love each other cannot make it legal. Or maybe we feel secure that our most horrific diseases will not be cured by a few cells in a petrie dish. Maybe we feel secure that those cells which could have cured us now will be thrown out. Maybe we don’t care about the earth warming and our glaciers melting. Maybe we simply do not care about anything. I think some do care though.

This country is desperate for wise, intelligent, articulate, brilliant leadership and it has none. We need someone who understands history especially of Iraq and the Middle East to sagaciously carve out an intelligent foreign policy. If we had that we would reap the benefit dramatically but we don’t. The people are duped by Republican superficialities.

If there is a God I am sure in some other universe these people will pay for their lies, their cruelties their treason, death and suffering they have inflicted on so many. Until then we need to kick them out of office and fast!

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